Catch the Moon.

“Capitalism has resulted in material
well-being but spiritual bankruptcy.”
― Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides

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Max Ernst

Max Ernst

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Jeanloup Sieff, Nude, 1982

Jeanloup Sieff, Nude, 1982

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Recorded on Jay-Z’s iPhone. No amped mic, no reverb. JUST Bey.


She sang that song. Will reblog this every time

I sure will Bey anytime

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The problem arises when any behaviour, however private and personal, is socially enforced. The problem arises when, according to the language of Veet, you have to go through the expensive and time-consuming rigmarole of shaving to prove that you are a proper, well-behaved woman and therefore worthy of the kisses of easily-shocked men with boring haircuts. And the problem arises when this sort of pop controversy is used as a decoy, distracting us from structural arguments about class, power and privilege. Body hair, in particular, has become an obstructive stereotype when it comes to feminist history – sexist commenters speak of “hairy-legged-feminists” when what they really mean to say is that women who do not conform, women who refuse to perform the rituals of good feminine behaviour, are a deeply fearful prospect. New Statesman | The slippery slope of gender: why shaving and snacking are feminist issues (via born-on-the-coldest-day)

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